Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

Dear Members, Friends and Colleagues,


On behalf of the Hong Kong Public Hospital Cardiologists Association (HKPHCA), it is my great pleasure to welcome you to visit our new website.

Since its inception in 1998, the HKPHCA has committed to promoting educational activities for the Cardiology community in Hong Kong. Throughout the years, many scientific conferences, case sharing forums and dedicated workshops have been organized ourselves and through collaboration with other colleges, associations and societies. The Annual Scientific Meetings of HKPHCA, one of our annual signature events, have covered a wide range of hot and practical topics and are well-received. Cardiology Case Presentation Forums specially for our young members and fellows have been held annually since 2017, to enhance the professionalism and embrace the highest standard of care in cardiovascular medicine. Public education in cardiovascular health care is also regularly provided to enhance the awareness of heart health in the community.

With our new website, we hope to enhance communication with our members and general public about news, conferences, cases sharing, educational messages and more. I also hope to recruit more new members, especially our youngsters in public hospitals, and encourage them to take the next step. The future of our Association relies on dedicated members who have the passion in Cardiology to lead the field. Let’s come and join us to project a positive and professional image into the years to come!


Best regards,


Dr. Wong Chi Yuen

Chairman, Hong Kong Public Hospital Cardiologists Association (HKPHCA)